27 MT payload — easy!

Transportation of food and chemicals products
in tank-containers.

Years in container business
Trucks for transportation
of tank-containers
MT payload per delivery
About us in numbers
Our competencies
  • Liquid cargo
    Petrochemical or
    food cargo
  • Gas
    Compressed and liquefied
  • Hazardous cargo
    ADR 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 classes, incl. increased hazardous
  • 27 MT
    Payload per tank –
    up to 27 MT
  • Tank-containers
    We work with all types of
  • Heating of cargo
    Stationary and en route
  • Port of St. Petersburg
    Accredited in all ports of
    St. Petersburg
  • International transportation
    Scandinavia, Baltic States, CIS, Turkey, Iran
Horwing Logistics specializes in the transport of liquid cargoes and gases. Member of ASMAP. The central office is located in St. Petersburg.
Our fleet is capable of transporting up to
27 MT of cargo per transportation without violating axial payloads and is equipped for the transport of dangerous goods.
With an experience of at least 5 years in the transportation of liquid cargoes and gases, trained under ADR program and special courses.
Dedicated equipment
Our advantages
The carrier's liability is insured by the TOP-10 insurance company, and cargo tracking is carried out using GPS / GLONASS.
Every day we inform about the location of the cargo. Our employees are always ready to help and provide the necessary advice.
We can and love to work with documents efficiently and quickly. We work with scans and originals equally well. EDS is our standard.
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Our contacts
Head office in St. Petersburg
197374, road Torfyanay, b. 7, lit. F
Business Center "Gulliver 2", office 1125-1126
Tel.:+7 (812) 982 97 31
e-mail: info@horwing.ru

Representative office in Moscow
Fedorov Vyacheslav
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